Adult Changes in Thought Study
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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our research program is guided by a shared mission, aspirational vision, and core values, all of which were co-created by our team of collaborators.


The mission of the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study is to utilize our scientific expertise, collaborative ethos, data resources, and contributions from study participants to conduct and facilitate exemplary research on brain aging.


The ACT Study will serve as a rich, innovative, and enduring resource that contributes pathbreaking scientific knowledge about late-life cognition, well-being, and healthy aging.



We honor the trust placed in us and in Kaiser Permanente by our study participants by acting with respect and integrity in all of our interactions.

We uphold the importance of open communication and shared deliberation for the greatest benefit of the ACT Study contributors.

Scientific Impact.svgScientific Impact
We commit to rigorous methodology that fully leverages our rich data resources and ensures the highest possible scientific validity as we address research questions of paramount importance in aging and brain health.

Equity.svgCommitment to Equity
We strive to develop research that helps understand and reduce the disproportionate burden of Alzheimer’s on vulnerable and underserved populations.

We engage in open and respectful collaboration with the scientific community, born from the longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship between Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and partner institutions. 

We ensure that the resources entrusted to us (including data, biospecimens, and federal funding) are conscientiously safeguarded.

We foster the growth of this program by expanding the participant cohort and ACT Study Data Repository, as well as growth of the field through data sharing and career development opportunities for early career scientists.