Adult Changes in Thought Study

ACT Study Research Support Cores

The Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study is anchored around cross-cutting cores that are specifically focused on facilitating ACT research and optimizing the value of its research resources. Over time, the cores will enable the ACT Study to expand, modernize, and enhance its already impactful work.

The approach to utilizing cores to organize subject matter expertise and specific kinds of research support is common for very large research programs funded by the National Institutes of Health including our funder, the National Institute on Aging. Understanding factors that influence aging frequently entails multidisciplinary collaboration and draws upon a wide range of resources and expertise. The expectation for the ACT Study is that our cores will be tightly integrated and will create a cohesive, coordinated program of research.

The 6 cores of the ACT Study work closely together, enabling ACT to continue to be the foundation for an extraordinary array of science.