Adult Changes in Thought Study

Activity & Sleep Devices

Starting in 2016, ACT introduced activity monitoring devices to the study. Now, during each biennial study visit, many ACT participants are invited to wear devices that track their physical activity and sleep for 1 week following their visit. Currently, ACT is using two devices, the activPAL, which is worn on your thigh and tracks your physical activity and sitting, and the Actiwatch, which is worn on your wrist and tracks your sleep. 


activPAL                       Actiwatch

If you recently agreed to wear one or both of these devices and have questions about wearing or returning either device, please check out the Device Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page and other resources linked to the right. Below, you'll also find instructions about how to wear the activPAL on your thigh and how to use the event marker button on the Actiwatch.



The activPAL will be given to you sealed inside a plastic casing with a gauze backing. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS CASING. You will use the provided Tegaderm sheets to adhere the activPAL device (in it's casing!) to the front, middle of either thigh. When properly adhered to your leg, it will look like the photo below. 



On days where you are wearing the Actiwatch, please remember to push the event marker button, located on the left side of the watch (see the photo below) at bedtime and when you get up in the morning. 

  • At bedtime:  Please gently press and hold the event marker (on the left side of the watch) until the time display blinks “- - - -“ for a few seconds, when you turn off the light and try to go to sleep for the night.
  • In the morning: Gently press and hold the event marker until the display blinks again when you get out of bed for the final time to start your day.  If you read or watch TV in bed before going to sleep, please don’t press the event marker button until you’re done with those activities and actually trying to go to sleep.



Device Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

activPAL Instructions

Actiwatch Instructions

Device Return Mailing Instructions



No problem! Download and print a blank copy of the paper Sleep Log here and record the time you wake up and go to bed on the days you wear a device. 

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