Adult Changes in Thought Study

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The Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study is a complex, multifaceted research program, based on the ACT Cohort and includes the ACT Data Repository, an extremely rich set of data.

ACT encourages collaborations with investigators and wants ACT Data Resources to be utilized widely to advance research in aging.

There are two main ways to collaborate with the ACT Study. Researchers can request data for a proposed scholarly work such as a manuscript or abstract. Alternatively, researchers can propose an ancillary study to be funded by a grant.  

The approach that is right for you will be determined by the needs of your research question and the availability of appropriate financial, staffing, and data resources. If you’re not sure, or are considering an option that would involve ongoing or direct collaboration, please reach out to the ACT Study using our Contact Us form to determine next steps.

Data request for a scholarly work

If you are interested in using ACT data for a manuscript, abstract or other purpose, you can request a customized dataset to meet your research needs.

A data request begins with a proposal describing the manuscript, abstract or purpose for the data.

Requests are considered on a regular basis and approval is required before data can be released.

Depending on the complexity of the request, funding for ACT staff may be required.

Learn more about requesting data for a scholarly work.

Ancillary study funded by a grant

If you are interested in using existing or uncurated ACT data and or analytic resources to meet proposed aims of a grant, or would like to suggest new data collection from ACT participants supported by a grant, you can propose an ancillary study with ACT.

This process requires collaboration with an ACT researcher in your area of interest who can help with assessing the feasibility of your project and guide you through the steps involved.

An ancillary study proposal initiates the process and must be approved prior to grant submission.

Learn more about proposing an ancillary study.

The process to work with the ACT Study can vary, depending on the type of collaboration that’s right for each project. Please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for your request and proposal to be considered and approved by ACT. We suggest reading more in detail our policies and procedures related to collaboration with ACT. 


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