Adult Changes in Thought Study

Propose an Ancillary Study


Interested in working with the ACT Study to develop a grant proposal based on the ACT cohort?
Review the process involved for an ancillary study.


The ACT Study is a complex, multifaceted research program, which has given rise to the ACT Data Repository, an extremely rich set of data. Researchers are encouraged to propose ancillary studies to be funded by grants that:

  • conduct a new analysis of existing ACT data,
  • curate new data sources that have not been previously used in the ACT cohort, or
  • collect new data directly from ACT participants.

Unaffiliated researchers must collaborate with an ACT investigator on an ancillary study. Depending on your proposed grant activities, you may also need to involve a KPWHRI site lead.

Ancillary studies take between 2-6 months to be fully reviewed by ACT depending on the complexity of the proposal. It is strongly recommended that researchers begin the ancillary study proposal process well ahead of any grant submission deadlines.

Researchers who have developed a plan for a grant, should propose that idea to ACT. This process formally begins with an ancillary study application to ACT, which is reviewed in two stages.

In Part I of the application, investigators describe the proposed project team, funding opportunity and key associated dates, specific aims of the study, and implementation plans.  Part I should then be submitted to ACT.

It is important to work closely with your ACT collaborator throughout the ancillary study proposal process. 

The first stage of review evaluates the proposal concept (Part I of the ancillary study application) and is conducted by the ACT Admin Core.

Investigators will be provided feedback on the proposal concept and instructions on next steps.


If your proposal is approved in concept, the process continues with Part II of the ancillary study application. In Part II of the application, investigators describe in greater detail the proposed research strategy, data needs, plans for data security and IRB approval, and responsibilities of collaborators which includes preliminary budget estimates. The full proposal (Parts I & II) should then be submitted to ACT.

Investigators will also be invited to present the proposal at an upcoming Ancillary Study Review Committee (ASRC) meeting. The ASRC typically meets bi-monthly.

The second stage of full proposal review is conducted by the Ancillary Studies Review Committee (ASRC). 

Once your proposal receives both ACT Admin Core and ASRC approval, you can finalize your grant for submission to funding entities. You are able to proceed with KPWHRI subcontract preparation (if applicable) and request a letter of support from ACT.

  • Please let ACT know once you have submitted your grant!

If your project is funded, ACT will ask you to sign and execute agreements to conduct your research with us.

ACT will stay in touch with you asking for annual progress reports. Good luck with your study!

If you require data once your ancillary study is funded, you will need to make a request through the P&P Committee, which also handles proposals for scholarly works resulting from grants.