Adult Changes in Thought Study

ACT Research Symposium

Since 2013, the ACT Study has held an annual symposium to showcase new resources from the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study, highlight innovative research findings, share new grant ideas, and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations. The symposium enables us to:

  • Promote scientific use and understanding of ACT data
  • Encourage collaborations across scientific disciplines, institutions, and studies
  • Provide opportunities for feedback on ongoing and planned work such as analyses-in-progress or new grant ideas, particularly for early-career investigators

The ACT Symposium addresses critical topics in aging and dementia research, including resilience, brain imaging, dementia subtypes, molecular phenotypes, and traumatic brain injury, among other areas.

The ACT Symposium helps increase use of the ACT living laboratory — a dynamic and growing repository of multiple data sources. The Symposium also provides a creative, welcoming space for top investigators to exchange innovative research ideas and accelerate Alzheimer’s disease and brain aging research.

The ACT Study recognizes that research aimed at understanding aging-associated disorders like dementia requires contributions from diverse perspectives. As such, the ACT Study encourages inclusive participation in our annual Research Symposium from scholars reflective of this important diversity.  We advocate that research laboratories consider their entire team when selecting member(s) who will represent their work at the Symposium. 

This Symposium is supported in part by the National Institute On Aging of the National Institutes of Health Award Number R13AG057087. 

For questions about the ACT Symposium, please contact us via email.