Adult Changes in Thought Study
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Data Resources

A dynamic, multidimensional research resource for studying aging and factors that affect cognitive decline

The Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study is a complex, multifaceted research program, and the ACT Data Repository, built over 25 years, is a vital national data resource. Data and resource sharing are an important part of our research program. Given the complexity and variety of data sources, collaborators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the descriptions of our various data resources and associated processes for collaboration. A description of the ACT cohort, including eligibility criteria and follow-up procedures, is also available in this section. 

Graphic representing the ACT Study Living Laboratory with data inputs and outputs.

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Find an overview of the ACT cohort’s history, participants, and study follow-up processes here.
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Find detailed descriptions and documentation for ACT Study data here.
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Use the ACT Data Query Tool to explore the feasibility of your research question. 
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Find details about the ACT Study and its data in these key publications.