Adult Changes in Thought Study

ACT Form 85 Summary

Data Description

ACT Form 85 collects blood pressure and neurology information measured on ACT participants at their study visit. A high-level overview of the content areas is shown below.

Blood Pressure

  • Cuff size – pediatric, regular, large arm, or thigh
  • First BP reading systolic/ diastolic
  • Second BP reading 


  • Standing height – measured or stated
  • Weight
  • Hip, waist, and head circumference

Neurological Exam

  • Measured (timed) walk, gait test (10 ft)
  • Type of gait, gait aid, number of steps, arm swing
  • Walking on toes, heels, and weakness
  • Standing test (station, side-by-side, semi-tandem, full-tandem)

Grip Strength

  • Have you had a recent worsening of pain or arthritis in your wrist, or do you have tendonitis?
  • Have you had surgery on your hands or arms during the last 3 months?
  • Grip strength for dominant and non-dominant hands (first, second, third tries)
  • External shoulder rotation

Chair Stands 

  • Single and repeated chair stands


Important Note: Form contents have changed over the years so all the above items may not be collected over the full duration of the ACT study. 

Data Structure 

This Form 85 dataset contains one row per visit at which the study form was collected. 


Historical Data Collection Forms

For Baseline and Biennial Visits (PDFs)