Adult Changes in Thought Study

Activity Monitoring Device (Accelerometry) Data

Activity Monitoring Data.png Data Description

In 2016, qualifying current participants in the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study were invited to participate in an activity-monitoring sub-study (ACT-AM). As part of this study, participants wore an activPAL or ActiGraph accelerometer, or both, and completed daily sleep logs. Data collection has been ongoing, with expansion to a larger number of participants and addition of a sleep watch planned for the future as part of Project 1: The ACT Sleep and Activity Monitoring Project.

Study Forms

In addition to the objective measures of daily movement and sitting patterns derived from the measurement devices worn by participants, participants are also asked to complete the following forms:

  • Sleep Log — a brief record of the participant’s time in and out of bed while wearing one or more devices
  • Form 66 – Take Home Questionnaire 
    • Started offering in April 2016 and collection is ongoing 
    • This survey is offered as part of the biennial study visit and collects information about self-reported physical activity, sitting, sleep, and other related behavioral and environmental factors

Key Publications

The following publications provide additional detail on the activity monitoring device data elements. These may be helpful supporting citations when publishing analyses using these data.

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